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We have been married for 6 years and had an active sex life, marriage and children, to accelerate the drying process. My wife is small, 5 feet 2, slender legs and firm, with a natural 34D breasts incredible body. These appear to be larger with a small frame. After visiting many porn sites I have a bit of interest in sexual massage. Sarah, my wife, I never wavered or anything, just sex on the beach while we were at a nude beach in Greece. I found this place trantic massage, couples learn how to revive your sexual energy through massage, so I presented the idea to Sarah, who do not know really what to expect really. We thought it was more about thoery and the techniques we learn, could return to practice at home. Sarah accordingly. When we arrived, we were one of Dave, an 9taxi older man in his 50ish, dressed in a robe and looking more hippie welcomed. He was very comfortable and reassured us. We were 9taxi told to shower, to remove the stress of the outside world!, And clothing in this kiª very flimsy sheet, the size of a large towel. I wrapped around my waist and Sarah is just above her breasts, or out of the bathroom. They were so easy, it felt like we had nothing. If we had room again, now entered the dark, but with candles, he had to sit on the floor in a circle with him and he starts talking about massage and relaxation. We told him why we were there. He made us feel comfortable and was a very nice guy. He explained that many couples came to him for the same reason, and should only relax and let our inhibitions and enjoy the experience, which meant that every time... After a few breathing techniques and some ' hum ' he said, it was time to start. I asked my wife to the front to set the table, we both know that each one is nothing, what to expect and we both made ​​a sign to others, what the hell expressions. took his cloak, and wore a towel around his waist like mine, built a lot, but showing its age. Mpaper and went to look at his hands, and a copy, so to speak. The N Sarah, caught naked on the table, and began to massage his back with hot oil. That was weird to see his wife nude as she massaged by another man and began to feel excited. This went on for a while and then moved to her buttocks and thighs. Gently spread her legs a little and began to caress the bottom of your foot all the way up her inner thighs, I saw her wince a few times. Then he told me to follow, while the other leg. At the top of each stroke her pussy thumbs cut 9taxi off, so I copied started to get wet. My erection was held by the sheet she was wearing was all I wanted to jump on the table and take your right. Sarah was asked to give 9taxi back to see the whole thing. His eyes were closed. I could not believe what happened was a strange man was massaging 9taxi my wife 's breasts with oil in front of me. Shaving her pussylike in plain sight and I could not play, I was a spare part. Now it was very hard. is disconnected raised knees and place the palms of your feet 9taxi together and knees on the table is opened in a sort of hash, now freely with her pussy lips slightly. The inner thighs oil gradually exposed pussy with both hands. He asked me to 9taxi exchange places, so that was out of his feet ( at the end of the table), and I was in the middle. As he walked beside him grab the dish falls to the floor, I was naked, wearing a high-capacity hard, he grabbed my cock and she pressed, while removing his hand. It was a very solid and had a thick tail erect but not half. What the hell is going on here, I was going 9taxi through my head. o oil is applied on both hands and slowly began stroking Sarah 's pussy and 9taxi slowly inserted a finger. Sarah was in heaven shaking her sexy body and she panted and gasped. His hands held ontor table, and I could see the whites of his knuckles. She 9taxi tried her abdominal muscles and held his breath until he let out a sigh as orgasm, but he did not listen to Dave and keep massaging her clit while you finger. I could not believe what passes for sexy nude woman soaked in oil, which touched another man. This was sexual awakening that I have ever seen. large breasts looked good and I built a little hot oil and massage it started. You must come from 3 or 4 more times, until Dave was on the table between her legs, and I noticed 9taxi his 9taxi huge erection with a condom, he was so thick and long, it became quite envious . When you lay on ? His cock was touching her lips parted, and slid slowly toward her and then pushed hard until he came almost entirely from Sarah shouted as he began to move in and out faster and faster. I was so confused with the situation and see Sarah too hot to me in what was really happening. to my surprise, I grabbed my penis and started masturbating me, what strange reason I was so happy. 9taxi Sarah occasionally opened his eyes and saw what was happening, my God, you might think. It was not long before Dave was fast moving and a sprint Sarah rammed his cock in and came inside. The increased speed back in my dick, pulling hard to the base of the tail and explode in your stomach. I've never seen look so out of my sight. After a few minutes we had to sit on the floor in a circle holding hands while breathing exercises here again. was a hell of an experience and has worked for us, like sex had returned home and was surprisingly often.
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